How often have your Chicago property taxes decreased? If you answered “never,” the property tax appeals attorneys at Cross Town Legal are here for you. It’s expensive enough to maintain a Chicago-area home much less absorb annual property tax increases. Your real estate’s value is assessed each year through your county’s mass appraisal system. County appraisers often overestimate your property’s value and fail to apply for certain legal tax exemptions.

Skilled Chicago Real Estate Lawyers Helping Minimize Your Tax Liability

At Cross Town Legal, our experienced property tax lawyers take full advantage of your county’s property tax appeal system to demand revaluation and compensation for overtaxed property owners. Petitioning for re-assessment of your property value based on circumstances unique to your situation can save you thousands each year. 

Our Will, Cook, and DuPage County clients may be entitled to annual property tax mitigation, Illinois tax exemptions, and re-assessment. Schedule your free, no-risk property tax review with the experienced property tax appeals attorneys at Cross Town Legal. Our cost-effective property tax solutions often cost substantially less than you’ll save. Call us today at (708) 478-9700.

Perfecting Your Property Tax Appeal

Your property taxes increase due to an increase in the local tax rate, and your real estate appreciates in value. Home improvements or a sudden boom in the Chicago real-estate market may result in unexpected property tax liability for struggling Cook County residents. Homeowners often see an increase in their property tax liability due to the following: 

  • Changes to federal, state, and/or local legislation
  • Increased neighborhood value and/or the local real-estate market
  • Home improvements
  • Property tax card errors 
  • Disqualification from exemptions, such as homestead, military, or senior citizen tax relief

Relief from property tax liability may be available by petitioning your local tax assessor directly, appealing to the town board, or in cases of illegally levied taxes, filing a claim in the Illinois court system. Your assessed value is what can be appealed.  The local tax rate cannot be appealed.

Maximizing Your Rights While Minimizing Your Annual Property Tax Liability

To schedule your free property tax relief and appeal consultation, contact our attorneys at (708) 478-9700 or online today.